LOA HỘP CAO CẤP 15-30W LB2‐UC30‐x1

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LOA HỘP CAO CẤP 15-30W LB2‐UC30‐x1

  • LB2‐UC15‐x1 / LB2‐UC30‐x1
  • Liên hệ
  • 2390
  •  High-fidelity music and speech reproduction 
  •  Selectable 8 ohm, 70 V and 100 V inputs
  •  Compact yet robust ABS enclosure
  •  Supplied with adjustable mounting bracket 
  •  Water and dust protected IP65
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The LB2-UCxx-x1Premium‐sound cabinet loudspeakers are intended for clear reproduction of speech, foreground and background music to be used in general indoor and outdoor applications. The Premium‐sound cabinet loudspeaker range consists of a 15 W and 30 W model, available in a light or dark color. The loudspeakers have selectable 8 ohm, 70 V and 100 V inputs.

The ABS cabinets are fitted with aluminum front‐grilles and standard supplied with aluminum bracket.
Typical applications are: theme bars, music restaurants, theme parks, retail outlets, audio visual, boardrooms and offices, exhibition areas, showrooms, fitness centre’s and presentation environments.

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