Loa âm trần 6W (4")-LBC3951/11

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Loa âm trần 6W (4")-LBC3951/11

  • LBC3951/11
  • Liên hệ
  • 2013
  • Tình trạng: Còn hàng


  • Compact yet powerful
  •  Very wide opening angle
  •  Modern unobtrusive styling 
  •  Installation friendly
  •  Splash-waterproof
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The LBC3951/12 is a compact, 6 W loudspeaker with a perforated metal grille. It has excellent audio performance and is easy to install with its integral mounting clips. The loudspeaker is IPx4 water protected from the front so it can be installed in humid environments.

The LBC3951/12 has a perforated metal grille with a plastic surround, finished in an attractive off-white RAL color. The unobtrusive styling of this loudspeaker complements today’s interior lighting.

The loudspeaker features a very wide opening angle, which means fewer units are required to cover a given area. The wide frequency range means better speech and music reproduction. The unit is supplied with a 100 V matching transformer with taps on the primary winding for full-power, half-power, quarter-power and eighth-power radiation.

The loudspeaker (with special treated paper cone) is IPx4 water protected from the front and can be applied in humid environments, for example in bathrooms, saunas, atriums and swimming pool areas.

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