CAMERA AUTODOME Starlight 5000i IP NDP-5512-Z30L

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CAMERA AUTODOME Starlight 5000i IP NDP-5512-Z30L

  • NDP-5512-Z30L
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  •  Starlight camera technology with excellent low- light performance
  •  High-performance HD outdoor PTZ dome camera with integrated IR illumination for scenes with low or no ambient lighting
  •  Variable illumination ensures that IR light is uniformly distributed in the field to minimize dark spots or over-illuminated scenes
  •  Long distance illumination up to 180 m (590 ft)
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Keep your security in focus with the many features of the AUTODOME IP starlight 5000i IR camera. The camera is carefully tuned to deliver detailed, 1080p60 HD images during the day as well as full details in low- light or no-light conditions. The integrated, intelligent IR illuminator automatically adjusts the IR intensity according to zoom factor and field of view to ensure that the scene is illuminated uniformly.

See in the dark

The camera’s smart, variable IR illumination technology from Bosch produces outstanding video on a per-zone basis in low-light scenes. This configuration ensures that each scene receives the appropriate illumination intensity and avoids focus instability from mixed lighting conditions.

Low-light performance

The latest sensor technology, combined with sophisticated noise suppression and a High dynamic range of 120 dB, results in an exceptional sensitivity in color. The camera continues to provide excellent color performance even with a minimum of ambient light.

Pre-programmed user modes

The camera has several pre-configured scene modes with the best settings for various applications. With one click, users can optimize image settings to match the camera’s lighting conditions. Users can also configure individual image settings.

• Standard: For indoor fluorescent lighting.

• Sodium-lighting: For scenarios where the video is captured under sunlight in the day or under sodium vapor lamp at night.

• Vibrant: For enhanced contrast, sharpness, and saturation

• Number Plate scene mode: For the best image to be used by ANPR software.

H.265 high-efficiency video encoding

The camera is designed on the most efficient and powerful H.264 and H.265/HEVC encoding platform. The camera is capable of delivering high-quality and high-resolution video with very low network load. With a doubling of encoding efficiency, H.265 is the new compression standard of choice for IP video surveillance systems.

Intelligent streaming

Smart encoding capabilities, together with Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction technology and analytics, make the bandwidth consumption drop to extremely low levels. Only relevant information in the scene, such as motion or objects found with the analytics, are encoded.

Support for H.264 and H.265 with Encoder Regions

Set a region in the field of view and define a specific encoder profile to it. This setting reduces the bitrate of the stream further than intelligent streaming alone.

Recording and storage management

Recording management can be controlled by the Bosch Video Recording Manager application, or the camera can use local storage and iSCSI targets directly without any recording software.

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